The only make up I have finished 

make up junkies have a lot of make up and we finish very few of them. Here’s my few:

  1. Za pure shine lipstick in apricot nectar, reviewed previously. Nice and hydrating but doesn’t last long, which means frequent reapplications. Would like this more if it was not so damn glitter filled. It’s not technically all gone, because I plan to dig out the stub in the lipstick holder and use it. 
  2. Dear rose bb cream and the hot pink skin 79 bb cream: also reviewed previously, but I had them for like 2 years before I did…
  3. Random blush: it was okay as a blush, nothing particularly special but slightly sparkly. It would have a lot more product but it broke and I had to depot it, hence. I don’t think I will be able to finish another blush in my lifetime… 
  4. Brown eyeliner from couleur inc: this was a pretty nice brown eyeliner. It smudges but because it’s brown you couldn’t really tell. Great for low impact days. I have brown gel liners now instead.
  5. Mascaras, of course

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