How to keep make up for a long time 

I don’t apply make up that often, because I’m not going out so much now and I don’t need to. This means that my huge make up collection is going to waste…

So, I need to make my make up to keep for a long time.

Some items that have a very short shelf life include:

  • Mascara. Nothing you can do about this. I am able to use a tube for about 6 months. Mascara is not a very exciting thing to me, so I don’t really care what I use. My only requirement is that it holds a curl and doesn’t flake or smudge.
  • Liquid liners, especially pen kinds. They dry out REALLY fast. I had one and its drying up and I only had it about 4 months.

A cardinal rule of make up expiry is the less water, the longer lasting. I know people who have used eyeshadow 10+ years old with no problems.

So, I’ve decided:

  • No more cream shadows. No maybelline color tattoos, no Chanel illusion d’ombre. I have one pot from Kiko, and I think it will dry up before I ever hit pan…
  • No cream blushes. It’s way too hot here for heavy creams on skin anyway.
  • No gel liners. Use powder and pencil liners instead.
  • No lip glosses. I have been veering away from them anyway, but they will definitely expire within 2-3 years. I’ve had lipsticks for almost 3 years and they are still going strong. Someone once told me they had a lipstick for 10 years that was still good to go.
  • No foundation (seriously!!!) liquid foundations and the like will expire within 2-3 years and I have finished up very few foundations. I have good skin and a very small face so I don’t need much. I’m planning to go with just concealer next time and some primer for pores and colour correction. Or use powder foundations.

So my collection is going to be all pencil, lipsticks, and powder based products. This will help it keep for 4-5 years for pencil and lipsticks, and just about forever for powder.

This means the only things I will need to repurchase on a regular basis are:

  • Mascara – once every 6 months
  • Eyelid primers – they are a liquid that are unavoidable. I’m not sure how long they last – 2 or 3 years should still be ok.
  • Any lip products that I finish – most likely nude-ish lipsticks



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