Holy shit I am missing so many lipsticks 

somehow my make up go missing on a regular basis. I’m quite pissed off about this, of course. I can’t even start to keep track of what I’m missing. Is there a fourth dimensional black hole in my room????

Make up I ‘misplaced’

  • Urban decay naked skin bb cream: one day there, next day gone. This tube was gotten at a steal because it was expiring soon. I liked it enough to keep using it but IT WENT MISSING. Great for light make up days, works like a tinted moisturizer
  • The body shop honey something something bronzer: powders last forever (right??) and although I’ve moved to cooler products to contour with (I’m not a bronzer kind of person) this is matte and actually looked pretty decent. The pan was huge and I was going to use this for at least 5 more years!!! 
  • Tony moly backstage gel liner in black: decent but not fabulous gel liner, although the design and included brush is nice. I was using this up and then boom! It’s gone. 
  • Giorgio Armani eyes to kill eyeshadow in lust red: holy motherfucking God. I got my sister to buy this from USA so I wouldn’t feel sad at buying retail price, and I didn’t even get to use it a single time. I opened the lid and I think that was it…
  • Dior addict lipstick in some rosy color: I only realized it was missing because I have 2 and I could only find the other one, which is a coral orangey color (with shimmer) that is infinitely less flattering. I liked this as a MLBB sheer hydrating lipstick.
  • Revlon super lustrous in icy violet: seriously, I was so excited to get this. I didn’t even know it was missing till I thought about frosty lipstick today. It’s actually subtle enough to work as an almost nude. But it’s missing!!!
  • Mentholatum watercolor lipstick in vintage pink: another WTF. I have the formula in Kissy Pink, so I bought vintage pink blind since I liked it so much (cheap, hydrating, lip tint/balm feel.) and its gone. I don’t even remember which day it was lost. 

At least my most coveted possessions are still safe:

  • Armani lip maestro in 400: this was My Red until I realized one night that the formula + oily meal = SMEARS OF RED LIPSTICK ON FACE OMG thinking of purging now.
  • Ellis Faas hot lips in some mauvey rose color: same thoughts as lip maestro.. Maybe liquid lipsticks are not my jam. Also tastes like shit, or perfume rather. 
  • NARS velvet matte lip pencil in dragon girl: I went to great lengths to get this. I try my very best never to pay retail, but I really could not find anyone selling this. I think this will replace 400 as My Red.

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