Review: Rachel K Mineral Sultry Seduction lip plumper


Yet another quite obscure asian item!

Rachel K was Miss Singapore Universe 2009 (i think), while I was in Miss Universe Singapore 2012… hehe.

Anyways, she created her own line of make up, and she is the supposed founder of CC creams. I believe her line is stocked in a few Watsons locally, but I’ve never seen it personally.

This is a lip plumper product in the shade Lolita (again! One of my favourite books!) I have never used a lip plumper product before, but this basically applies like any other lip gloss with a doe foot applicator.



Its supposed to be high shine with some oils, something something… okay.

Anyways, when I first applied it there is the minty slight tingly sensation representative of all plumping products. Its actually very pigmented, but it spreads TERRIBLY. It’s pretty sticky and kind of gloops up on itself. You can see the uneven application on my lip swatch. I usually use a finger to even things out a bit.

It’s a pinkish coral colour that is very pretty but which I think looks a little better than bad on me. I don’t tend to like lip colours of this tone, and I just had a revelation why. You see. A very pale lip colour (like Revlon’s Strawberry Shortcake) makes my lips paler than my skin, so at least my lips are obvious and stand out from my face. Dark colours do the reverse. But this, this just about blends in. If you took the photo above and made it black and white my face and lips would be nearly the same shade of grey, and the photo makes it look darker than real life. That is Bad and Ugly. However, this is all subjective to your own skin tone.

Otherwise, it delivers. I am not 100% sure if my lips are plumper, but it sure is SHINEY. This is SUPER high on the gloss scale, and makes me worry that I look like a porn star occasionally. That alone accounts for at least 50% of any visible plumping effect. It also sticks around reasonably well because its sooo sticky. It’s relatively decent looking after a meal. It also has minimal taste (apart from the initial mintiness.)

I got this in a swap, so free. However i would say it’s not quite worth the money, due to application problems. It’s also not the most comfortable gloss around. However if you’re looking for serious shine, this could be the right product for you. There is another almost clear gloss colour, Vixen, as well as a vampier darker shade Suggestive.


Suggestive looks more of my thang! I would forgive its application problems if the colour suited me better.


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