Amazing Discovery of Clio Gelpresso

I like swatching drugstore stuff and not buying anything.


The top row is a various assortment of lipsticks that stained my skin. I want to draw your attention to the bottom row which are various swatches of Clio Gelpresso liners. This is after about 10 hours and many many hand washings. They don’t smudge and have barely faded!! And best of all, they are twist up pencils which means no horrible pencil shaving and wasting product (hate that shit), and MUCH cheaper than Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners! I can already spot a couple of dupes, like the purple one that is a total dupe for Tornado, although the various red liners veer dangerously into eye infection territory.

There are also a bunch of Revlon lipsticks I wanna get, like Icy Violet, Siren, Fire and Ice, matte balm in shameless, etc. I think I’m becoming more and more adventurous in lip colours. Which probably is scaring the husband.

I’ve spent wayyyy too much on cosmetics this month (I constantly remind myself I am NOT A MAKE UP ADDICT so I have a very small budget for cosmetics) so I’m on a spending ban until the next! When I will probably go grab a few Gelpresso pencils and those lippies I’m lusting after!


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