FOTD with Giorgio Armani ETK

Topshop has a make up line that seems pretty decent by most beauty blogger standards although nothing really called out to me. But today I saw their newest A/W offering and IT ALL CHANGED.



These are Chameleon Glows, duochrome pressed pigments that shift colour. Whatever Topshop wants to market these as, I am reminded of my beloved Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill intense eyeshadow pots.

Collection has not yet grown 😦

However at $19 each in Singapore these are ridiculously cheap in comparison. ETKs are $44 each… I know.

I haven’t bought any yet, although they have inspired me to do this look today:


Hi there new haircut...

Okay, the nice sheen is not so well captured… but I was using Madre Perla and Pulp Fiction. Madre Perla has the same gorgeous green-pink iridescent shift, if not the same in colour, it’s the same in concept.

And note how my skin appears GORGEOUSLY PORELESS like I turned on the auto beauty function or photoshop or something. NONE OF THAT I PROMISE. It was the work of Giorgio Armani master fluid primer which is horrendously expensive. I am left wondering if all silicone primers are the same and if something cheaper will give me the same effect. Because seriously, I love Mr G. Armani, but I’m not stupidly paying for his name for no reason.

Red lip is Revlon Lacquer Balm in I Can’t Remember Maybe 145, which I slapped on using a drugstore tester because I have been on the fence about it for months and I want to see how it looks on me. Still can’t make up my mind.

This is a look I would wear often because it’s really pretty, doesn’t look overdone and insanely simple and quick. I haven’t been giving my ETKs much love because of my lingering obsession with collecting Sleek palettes, but every time I want eyeshadow that clings tenaciously onto my lids I know what to reach for.


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