Review: The Face Shop Arsainte Eco Therapy skincare

The Face Shop is a popular Korean drugstore price point brand. I say popular referring to others – I never quite liked it very much.


I had this travel kit for awhile, and finally got round to using it, experimenting with skincare and using up old stuff before settling on a proper routine.

Straightaway I can tell you that I never used the moisturizer in the far right because the tub was dried up by the time I got to it. It was like 2 years old though, so fair enough. I can’t comment on it but I like the tub for holding other depotted stuff. Lol.

But overall, the line is supposed to be made from mostly natural ingredients (from 85% -97%) and alcohol free (i think.) It is fragranced (most skincare stuff is) but it’s a nice, clean, crisp and not overpowering scent. It smells a bit like rice and bamboo and I believe bamboo water is a key ingredient in this line.

The tonic with essential, the first item from the left, is my favourite out of the 4. It is, as it says, a toner with some essential oils from bamboos, I think. I don’t use it as a normal toner (like with the cotton pad and all) but instead just slap it all over my face. It’s cooling, refreshing, and on really humid days (basically everyday) the only thing I apply before I sleep. In the mornings this is the only thing I use before sunscreen. My skin always feels gorgeously soft after this, even without anything else because it absorbs quickly with no residue.  For people who don’t have super dry skin this is a good enough moisturizer by itself.  I would seriously consider purchasing this in a full size bottle. The only thing that’s stopping me is that I have 2 huge half used bottles of toner remaining.

The essence is meh. It’s quite thick and viscous and it feels sticky on my skin. It also makes me sweat around my nose, which is a sign that its a little too rich for my skin. I don’t know how effective or good this is but the feeling itself puts me off. I primarily use this when I want some more dewiness under my make u in the mornings cos I can’t stand sleeping in it ugh.

The daily moisturizer is also meh. It’s a lotion kind of consistency, but I suspect mine might have separated a little from prolonged storage (and that’s why you should USE your stuff, not Hoard it.) This travel bottle is very stupid and does not allow me to get product out effectively because its too thick to come out by itself and I can’t squeeze the bottle. End up shaking the beejeesus out of it. It’s also too thick and sit-on-my-skinish to be comfortable. Guess I prefer gel-creams kind of consistency.

So in conclusion, from the products I’ve tried, I can say that the tonic with essential is something worth spending money on, the essence and moisturizer maybe if you have dry skin, and the travel size tubs are great to keep and hold other shit in when you finish it up (hehe.) TFS is pretty cheap anyway, so it might be worth a shot.


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