Rocking the mod look

OMG I did something daring today!



Its a bit more dramatic in real life. Its basically a wearable mod eyeliner. Winged cat eye + that additional swipe across the crease. Because I don’t have the traditional crease of caucasian eyes, I took it up only to my eyelid crease. I tried it on my orbital bone crease (the part where it dents in) and it was wayyyy too dramatic and weird. Lip colour is a bit patchy because this is actually a few hours after application and I am not bothered to fiddle with it yet.

This is totally a possible way to fake double eyelids if you don’t have any, but you’d have to be super daring. In my opinion, skip the bottom liner because the top should do all the talking. I just lined my waterline with a bit of white for contrast.

I actually used a mix of brown and black for the crease line because I chickened out, but its totally possible to do a super graphic full black (and I will the next time!!)

Foundation is Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation, which is fast becoming a favourite except I applied it with a brush today and it was a NO NO. Fingers is the way to go!

Also the best lighting in my place is at 2-4pm. Which sucks because nobody freshly applies make up at that time.


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