Sheet masks and how to max them out


I unabashedly admit I am a hoarder. I can’t bear to use stuff even though it wouldn’t make sense to keep it (make up is for usage!!!) And this, although very effective, truly showcases my hoarderness.

So, this is about sheet masks. Unbeknownst to me (unbeknownst looks like such an ungrammatical word) sheet masks are apparently a very Asian thing, and only recently the western world has caught on (is that true???)

Sheet masks range from the cheap drugstore:


My beauty diary is ever a popular brand. They go for about $20 for a box of 10 in Singapore. Bought directly from drugstores in Taiwan (place of origin) they can be significantly cheaper, close to a dollar each (or is it less??) They have many different flavours to whet your marketing appetite, whatever it may be. I like the caviar and black pearl ones because they sound posh, no matter how suspect the caviar/black pearl content is.


On the other end you have SK2 masks, which, on Sephora US, are (holy shit) 135USD for 10 masks. That’s practically daylight robbery.

Personally I really like MBD masks, even though I don’t use masks often (plus with a baby now, who has time to lie on the bed for 30 min with a mask on your face??) I use it for a pick me up when my skin needs it, like after illness or if it feels especially dry. Though as always I am skeptical about skincare – how much of the effects are placebo effects, and how much is real?? But still, with MBD you can’t really go wrong. They’re cheap, the mask size is just nice for me, it feels good, and a quick perusal of ingredients show no alcohol (yay) although there is also no mention of black pearl/caviar etc, lol. I’ve tried several different random brands of masks, and they tend to be huge – i dont think my face is small, but the eyeholes and mouth holes never match up to mine. MBD ones though are quite good with that, and the essence absorbs well without leaving sticky residue on skin. They’re just so so cheap and readily available in whatever flavour makes you feel happy that day too. Yay for drugstore win!

Whatever mask you use, whether it be fancypants SK-II with its fancypants yeast piteraness, or drugstore staples or Korean drugstore staples, how do you maximize its goodness?

The simplest way is to wipe the mask on your neck and arms after you’re done with it. You’re never going to absorb ALL the essence soaked in the mask, but you can make sure your hands and neck stay young and smooth along with your face. I usually manage to wipe down my entire body too, because there is just SO MUCH EXTRA.

Now we turn a bit more hoardery.

Do you have sample/travel bottles of stuff? If you’re anything like me, it’s a yes, and if you’re a hoarder like me, you’re never going to throw them away for fear that they might ‘come in useful one day.’ And now they do!!

Aforementioned random mask brand.

There is still a lot of essence left in the packet after taking out the mask. Please put this to good use by depotting it into an appropriate container. As an illustration, this mask that I used yesterday contained about an extra 2ml of essence, filling about a fifth of my Chanel make up remover sample bottle of 10ml. Yes, I washed and dried it very very thoroughly.

If you want to know,  this LAC taut gold standard collagen infusion mask is also damn expensive,  but I believe hubby got it free with purchase. It suffers from the same too big mask problem, but sinks in quick and leaves no residue. However as collagen molecules are too large to penetrate skin when applied topically I would say this is rather gimmicky. It makes my skin nice and soft, but seriously, buy MBD instead.


2ml may not sound like a lot until you realise your eye cream tubes tend to be about 15ml and your essences/serums are around 30ml. My serums last me FOREVER. I tend to get around a week of use with my teensy 2ml. I use this in place of my normal serum in my skincare routine. Of course, since the product is exposed to light and air since the depotting, please use it up ASAP.

Containers that used to hold liquid stuff works best to hold this liquidy.. stuff. Of course. You will need to slowly manipulate your packet to drip the essence into your container from one corner, which is easier than it sounds because essence is thicker than water.

Having done this with various masks, I must say that some masks have insane amounts of extra serum (like 10ml) while most give around 2-5ml. More is not necessarily better because it’s just increasing the cost per mask without more effectiveness or product, UNLESS you depot it like me. Some serums are also WAY too thick and rich for daily use even as a pat on serum, or leave that gross sticky residue I hate. MBD avoids all these pitfalls. It yields adequate serum without going overboard, while being great to use on a daily basis.

What do you think? Is this too hoardery? It definitely maximizes each mask I use though!


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