Why I still put on make up even though I am a temporary stay at home mum

I am now a temporary stay at home mum, because of the traditional confinement where the woman can’t do anything for a month (or more.)

Even then, I’ve been putting on make up (no matter how light) everyday. Except today when I ran a fever. Sorry. But still, every other day. But why bother when I don’t go out, barely even to walk the dog?

It’s about respecting myself and making an effort to feel more put together.

My make up has been streamlined a LOT, no more eyeshadowing or lining (takes too much effort to wash off) and no bold lip colours even, because I’m staying home after all. But concealer, foundation, brows and just that little bit of colour in my face is a must. Sometimes I even put contour and highlight.

If you suddenly drop by my home, I look like I know what I’m doing and I’m very put together, not that I’m frazzled and stressed and had 4 hours of sleep. And with fake confidence and poise I almost have the real thing. And it makes me feel more like the picture of a radiant, happy new mum with a happy gurgling adorable baby, instead of the nasty screaming monsters we all know they can be.

Tomorrow I am going out, and I will be stepping up my make up because I have a Guerlain lipstick I haven’t even tested yet (HORRORS) but for at home days, just enough to cover my battle scars and make me look glowing is good enough. And not to mention essential.

I’m almost back to my old size, so soon I can fit into all my sexy gorgeous old clothes, which will do even more wonders for my self esteem and happiness. Bye Bye boring maternity clothes! (I had like, 8 outfits which means I basically wore the same thing every week.) and it might mean OOTDs to go along with FOTDs!


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