Review: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric in 01


Received this nice little sample of Face Fabric in 1 when I bought something from a seller.

This is a foundation with 0 SPF (which is something I do not actually have, lol) so be careful about applying it during the day.


It looks like this squeezed out.

It’s actually like a tinted silicone primer. It’s very silky siliconey, but also has some colour.


On human face. It’s a little white for me.

It gives light coverage, but as all silicones go it pills up if you try to layer too much. It managed to cover most of my problematic places, although I don’t have much. I also find that I get really sweaty real fast, as if my pores are kinda being suffocated. It feels a little bit uncomfortable in sweaty weather and gets patchy after awhile.

It also doesn’t quite feel like the second skin Armani purports it to be. Maybe it’s the slight colour mismatch, but I find that this REALLY doesn’t do much for my skin. I’ve worn it a couple of times already and I’m not blown away and for the kind of price Giorgio Armani foundations go for, I better be blown away.

If you think my skin looks amazing, do let me know, because I don’t think so. Haha.


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