Of Bronzers, Contours and Babies

Having a baby is WAY more work than I expected. If any of you are going/planning to have a baby take the number of things you expect to do along with taking care of the baby, and divide it by 5. That’s approximately how much got done in the last 2 weeks.

In any case, I finally have a new post!

I love my bronzer/contour powders. I usually use it most days (even light make up days!) Because it only takes a few seconds to sweep it on and it makes a world of difference.

I used to think they were interchangeable.  But THEY ARE NOT. cooler toned bronzers MAY work as like, nose shaders but in general should NOT be put on noses unless you want orange sides to your nose.

My collection:



left column top: some kinda Shiseido face kit thingy bought from Taiwan. Obviously I shade my face very, very much.
Bottom: NYX blush in Taupe.
Middle column top: Illamasqua Cream pigment in Hollow
Bottom: Body Shop Honey bronzer in 03 medium matte with super ultra banged up packaging
Right column: custom Shu Uemura blush duo. The nice lavender shade is obviously a blush, and I bought the bronzy brown shade (P740) initially as a bronzer.


All swatched:
L-R Shiseido face kit, Nyx Taupe, Body Shop bronzer, Illamasqua Hollow, Shu Uemura P740.

Straightaway we can see that Shu Uemura looks more like a nice soft browny pink blush. It’s gorgeous and slightly shimmery, just like, not a bronzer. Unless maybe you’re super white. I’m only NC20, so nope. I still use it as a blush though cos it’s gorgeous.

The Shiseido face kit and the body shop bronzer both are super orange. It’s only really apparent when you swatch them together with cooler toned stuff. Ive seen the body shop bronzer touted as one of the not too orange matte bronzers in the market, and its true. It doesn’t make me look like an oompa loompa, and in a pinch I can apply some down my nose and not have it look too atrocious. The Shiseido face kit is cooler toned than the Body Shop one and I used it very lovingly as shown, but even then they’re both suuuuper orange. And kids, this is why you don’t contour with bronzer because.

It’s a toss up between Nyx and Illamasqua. NYX is ever so slightly warmer but I’m not particularly cool toned so it still works okay. I don’t fancy powders that much though because i always feel like they sit on the skin rather than really absorb to make A Look.  Hollow looks absolutely gorgeous on face, and the cream consistency means better ability to carve out hunks of cheekbones. Unfortunately cream stuff in this weather is Not Smart, so even though I love it I only try to use it if I know I’m going to be assiduously avoiding the sun. Hence, since I’ve got NYX Taupe I’ve been using it almost everyday.

I would say if you want a sun kissed, bronzed goddess look, go for bronzer (but no no no no on the sides of your nose NO NO unless you have literally 0 other choice and even then use as little as possible.) But if you want real sexy cheekbones and a nice thin straight nose, use contour powder (duh.)

For the extremely lucky like me who actually have existing cheekbones and not too flat a nose bridge, it’s not too essential how warm/cool the colour is because you already have actual natural shadows, you’re just enhancing them. But remember, for proper contouring, always pick the contour powder!!!!

I hope I have showed how different powders can look vastly different when swatched next to each other. Next time take note before you make a purchase!


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