Review: Cargo cosmetics marbled blush im Barbary Coast

My first post post-baby with post-baby pics! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight because I’ve been too busy and distracted to eat much. My face looks fatter in photos which is a bit distressing, but at least I’ve got my waistline back (almost!!) My laptop charger fried, so I won’t be able to do nice linking and other things like that on my phone.

Remember I swapped out my Dior palette and never got my Nars Demon Lover duo and Body Shop shimmer cubes? The nice person was nice enough to send me something else, so I chose this Cargo Marbled blush in Barbary Coast.



It was discontinued some time in 2012 I believe, which is a shame. The tin is relatively pretty and elegant while being super functional, so it gets approval from me. It looks easy to depot if you want to depot as well.

Cargo cosmetics is pretty unknown locally. I think Sephora sells them but they’re hardly a hot brand. The quality of this blush is very nice – finely milled and not powdery, which is something I complain about Sleek blushes sometimes.

In the pan it looks like a dusty peach with marblings of mauve and a little bit of gold. It also had shimmer bits if you look closely. The pan is HUGE, it’s a blush you will never hit pan on. I hope the tin is up to a beating though, cos you know how I can be…



Cargo blush on face. It ends up as a pretty, natural flush that’s slightly mauvey brown. The shimmer translates as a slight sheen that is neither overdone or unnatural. It almost negates the need for highlighter!

It reminds me of my Kiko blush that got destroyed except with shimmer, which is great, but that makes it kind of boring. It’s flattering for sure, but not really something I would utterly rave about, because I kind of already have that colour.

Herein lies my ambivalence on marbled blush kind of products. Like MAC mineralize skin finishes/blushes etc, they’re super pretty in the pan, but on your face it’s just one boring colour after all. In my Kiko blush pan, the colours are clearly separated, so I can choose to layer or contour how I want to. But with these, you can’t really pick and choose if you want more of this colour or that.

Pigmentation: on the sheer side but buildable. Actually blushes shouldn’t be super pigmented. This is also easy to blend. The shimmer/sheen doesn’t fall or and results in a very nice, less shimmery than Mary Lou Manizer kind of highlight.
Colour: nice dusty rose that looks like a really natural flush. Not very exciting though. I’m still looking for a hot pink blush, hehe.
Wearability: if blushes were men, this would be the friendzoned guy you use as a back up plan. Nice for everyday, perfect if you’re looking desperately and are out of better choices because you know it won’t let you down.
Staying power: was still there about 8 hours and many chores and sweating later. Not bad!!!

I am pretty impressed with the quality of Cargo blushes, just wish I got a more exciting colour, but its a good replacement for my Kiko blush, if not an exact dupe.


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