Should Yellow and Blue eyeshadow go together?

2014-08-18 17.41.53


My brushes are here! Which means I have no more excuses to not do my eyeshadow and eyes!

Truthfully though it’s because I’m scared. I think I’m down with the bold lip look, but the bold eyeshadow look is infinitely scarier.


Another wonderful inspiration from


Holy shit! I have to adjust my expectations, though, because the writer looks like Zooey Deschanel (cue mad jealousy) and I obviously, don’t. But I love her post, which is about how colours that shouldn’t go together actually do. I think her execution is lovely as well. Time to start paying more attention to make up at fashion shows. Last time i only looked at the clothes!

Breakdown of the make up look:

  1. Done brows (of course)
  2. Baby/powder blue eyeshadow on outer half of lid up to crease
  3. YELLOW eyeshadow on inner half of lid
  5. Cool-toned pink flush, naturally pink lips. 


This is what I tried to do:

2014-08-18 17.48.03This is Face Zero. Foundation and brows and other necessary is done. Time to start painting!


2014-08-18 18.16.01


I, being extremely unintelligent, did not take any in between shots. So here is the finished product.

2014-08-18 18.14.21



Oops, not a very good replica. The yellow also doesn’t show up very well on photo.

The writer used matte colours for both the blue and the yellow. I don’t have matte version of either, so I resorted to shimmers. My yellow is more of a lemon yellow than the fierce primary yellow on her lids too. Dayum. I also do not have a super cool toned pink blush, so I just fudged something. I apparently did not notice her natural pink lips, so I used a pink-gold kind of nude lipgloss. I believe I also went a little overboard with the highlighter. The only thing I intended to do slightly different from the start was the addition of brown gel liner at the corners of my eyes, because Chinese eyes do not look good without liner.

This is… not very close to the inspiration, but it’s a look that I wouldn’t mind wearing (on slightly more daring days.) I think matte shadows make it infinitely more wearable (and more ethereal) and I spotted close enough dupes for the matte blue and yellow in the Sleek Shangri La Supreme palette (justification for buying it!)

I tried out a LOT of new stuff on this look today. The brushes for one, and my NYX HD Eyeshadow base primer. I think I didn’t use it correctly, which made my eyeshadows a little bit patchy and difficult to blend, so I will be trying that out again. I will definitely do a version 2 of this look when I have more practice.

But brushes mean that finally, I might get around to do some eye looks on this blog!



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