FOTD Wood Nymph + Fancy Make up

I love funky looks. As I’ve established, the same nude face everyday is BOOOOOORING.

I was reading yesterday and stumbled upon this:



And also because August is super BLOODY warm and humid and sweltering and I need to have less products coating my face.

Let’s go through their look:

Winged white liquid liner


Brows are done (NO SKIPPING BROWS PLS)

Very bright flush

No lip products

This look TOTALLY makes me want to go platinum blonde. I mean seriously. I am SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY considering it. I have a few months of breastfeeding and all which I can’t do my hair to think about it.

This is my version. Unfortunately I don’t have the same pretty lighting, i have a swollen patch on my upper lip which hurts, and it’s FUCKING HOT and my hair looks like shit. Also my blush doesn’t show up so good and my fucking straight eyelashes droop down so you don’t see the mascara. So…. a really bad version.

2014-08-17 15.23.07 2014-08-17 16.04.20It looks better in real life, I promise! It looks ethereal and I feel like a wood nymph and I could wear flower petals and prance around in the forest. It’s actually a good look and I think I could do it everyday!

I do not use liquid liners, so I subbed a white pencil, which, after dusting of translucent powder, turned off-white (see, darned translucent powder, you’re not so translucent!)

Which got me thinking. There are actually a lot of make up looks I hope to try, and I should really keep a collection of them on a page on the blog. One more project!

I’ve been lagging behind a little bit (which nobody will know, because I write lots of posts and schedule them in advance, harh harh) because my internet has been shit lately and nobody feels like doing anything when internet is shit amirite?



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