NYX Haul

I find it very sad that US drugstore make up is so well-loved here. I mean, most people in the US is like meh about e.l.f and NYX and the like but WE GO CRAZY HERE because we have no such thing. Just as a reference, in Singapore Sephora, NYX Round lipsticks which are USD4 (around SGD5) are SGD9. Absolutely there is not much difference, but it’s practically TWICE the price!!! And we all think it’s DIRT CHEAP because Maybelline/Revlon/L’oreal lipsticks are almost $20!!!!!!

So please pardon me for going crazy over NYX. I know it’s just a meh drugstore product to most Americans, but to us it’s like MAGIC.

2014-08-15 12.08.22

This is the stuff I hauled purely for myself.

1. Push Up Bra for your eyebrow

(what seems to be a total dupe for Benefit Highbrow and also Lancome Le Sourcils whatever pishposh eyebrow pencil. I mean, come on it’s just a goddamn pencil! Do you really need to spend $30 on a Lancome one?)

2. Wonder Pencil in Light

Because it looked cool. And because I wanted it to compare against the Push up Bra. This costs $4 and the Push up Bra costs $10. What’s the difference? We’ll find out. Also, I hate pencils (the sharpening! The waste!) so cheap pencils are good.

3. HD Eyeshadow Base 

Bought because of this experiment. And also because I have no good primer.

4. Cream Blush in Natural

I have no cream blushes, and I know cream blushes tend to melt/drip off in heat and humidity, but a few dollars to try one out won’t hurt right? Plus this is such a pretty natural flush!

5. Powder Blush in Taupe

For contouring purposes. Because having orange stripes down the sides of your nose is Not Pretty. I will be posting a Bronzing/contour powder comparison soon.

6. Free gift of Lip liner pencil in Nectar

It was nice of NYX, but I don’t have much bleeding problems, and erm, this is glittery…. Lol. I’m selling this off for cheap on Carousell. You can comment here to get it if you want (preferably local only.)


I will be hauling NYX every once in awhile, and my prices are MOST DEFINITELY cheaper than anything you will find off resellers/Sephora in Singapore. If you’re interested do drop a comment, or check out my carousell profile michelle.qiu.92




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