Baby’s here

My baby was born about a week before the due date and I’m a mummy now!!!!




Babies are all kinda ugly to some extent but I think (possible parental bias here) that mine’s acceptably un-ugly!

I looked like shit for the few days in the hospital, because I was in too much pain to bother. Still trying to recover from c section and its not very nice. Operation downtime is suuuuper long and I hate not being able to do anything. It’s really smarter to opt for natural birth if you can (i couldn’t.)

Today is the first day since the birth that I had energy to put on some make up, but since I’m not supposed to go out anyway because of all the confinement nonsense…. 😦 so there’s not much point in looking too great either.

I’m still trying to fit the baby into my daily life so the posts might be coming slower but I definitely want to continue on this because I really like having this  blog around. After I bought more stuff recently I think my ‘need/want to have’ are more or less complete and the rest is just ‘nice to have’ which means I’ll only buy if its a super unpassable up deal. I actually collected a Guerlain lipstick a few hours before birth, and finally received my Kevyn Aucoin SSE dupe yesterday, haha.


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