Review: Revlon Lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake

2014-08-14 14.21.40I hate cool toned pink lipsticks but i love good deals. I figured $2.50 was okay to spend on an experiment, so when I saw someone selling 2 lip products including Strawberry Shortcake I took the plunge.

As I have said before, I like dramatic lips (I have a mini collection of that) and I like nude, easy lips (loads of stuff too.) What I don’t like is what’s in the middle: stuff that is pale and particularly statement making, but is obviously not natural-lip colour.

(I really have a lot of nudey lip products, will do a comparison post soon.) Cool toned pinks are one of these hated colours, because obviously no one’s lips are a cool toned pink. They always remind me of Barbie, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but Barbie pink was never a good colour to me.

Let’s talk about the packaging. It feels a bit flimsy to me, even for a drugstore lipstick, and I don’t really get the ‘cuteness’ of it. I like elegant, remember. So it’s a no go for me.

2014-08-14 14.22.01

Anyhow, here is Strawberry Shortcake on my lips.



The colour does tend to stick to my dry areas/lines (but then again, my lips are in a particularly terrible state right now where few things don’t) so that’s forgivable to some extent.

It can be be built up to a pretty opaque colour, which is basically a super cool toned… Barbie pink.

Barbie pink anyone?
Barbie pink anyone?

It’s really not a colour I would wear daily. Yet. I could try to love it; it actually doesn’t look too bad! But personally I think it makes me look a bit… air-headed, of all things, if make up could make you look airheaded. In this look (which I did to only go to the gynaecologist, of all things) I paired it with a no-effort smudgy kind of brown liner (kind of like, I just had a good make out session or something) which I think seriously makes the whole look a bit… bimbotic.

Colour: Do you love pink? Do you love cool tones? Do you love Barbie? If you do, you’ll probably like this enough. I say no to the first two and maybe to the third, so this colour is really not the best for me, but like I said, in the name of experimenting! It didn’t turned out too bad either. I would wear it again.

Longevity: Okay, this part really, really sucks. I had an apple yesterday after putting it on and it was basically gone. An apple is not significant eating damage. Most glosses can last through an apple with some pigment leftover. This, clearly, cannot. I think it can probably last 4 hours on someone not eating or drinking much, but…..

Other Necessary Lipsticky properties: It’s moisturizing enough, sure, but it feels rather heavy on the lips. Probably from all the pigments. It definitely feels more than the Za Pure Shine Lips I reviewed previously. It doesn’t taste too bad and doesn’t smell like much.

People have mentioned that there are 2 kinds of lip butters. One is more like a lipstick (eg Strawberry Shortcake) and the other is more like a tinted lipbalm (eg kind of like my Pure Shine Lips, I suppose.)

You can get it off Amazon at USD6.50 (approx) here. In Singapore it retails in stores at a crazy SGD17.90 (seriously, WHAT?)

Personally I always buy my imported cosmetics (aka EVERY SINGLE BRAND) either from local sellers, or shipped in directly from the US (like my NYX stuff!) unless the markup in Singapore is not too ridiculous.

Anyway, this is just my one-person-one-colour review of a cult product that already has billions of reviews so I don’t think I’m personally adding much here, except I hope you had fun reading.


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