FOTD + notice on Lip and Eye make up

I’m not quite sure if you’ve noticed,  but I seem to post a lot of lip related stuff here and so far, barely any eye related stuff, especially eyeshadow, which is usually a perennial blogger favourite.

My reason for this is because I have no proper eyeshadow brushes. Yes, seriously all the while I’ve been using my fingers. While I would still call that impressive, I would say it’s as comparably impressive as say, eating a steak with only a teaspoon.

But I have bit the bullet and bought a nice little set of brushes from Real Techniques, and coupled with a decent eye shader brush (the pack-on-the-colour kinds) that I already have, I think we may be able to get something eye related here very soon. Soon being once I get my package, which I’m starting to get antsy about. I do have a large and growing collection of eyeshadows, so I need to give them some airtime as well. It’s just that colourful looks don’t quite go well in our climate + conservative society so, I don’t wear funky colours out very often. Unfortunately funky colours in my opinion as seen by my society includes basically any colour outside of the spectrum of brown.

In any case, here’s my FOTD, which in recent days I have been thinking as Foto of the Day somehow, which is slightly idiotic of me.




This is my I-am-not-wearing-makeup-except-my-red-lipstick look, the one you’re supposed to run errands in jeans in. It looked ghastly when I first tried it on, and I think the photos still look ghastly – there’s something about a lack of liner that doesn’t translate well onto photos, especially with a bold lip. In person though, I think it’s looking better, and may be something I will try more often. My eyebags are from a late night plus the not-yet-arrival of my full coverage concealer that’s supposed to be a dupe of Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (which I’m super excited and definitely will be blogging about.)

The red in the picture is obviously, my much talked about red, The Red, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 400.

This is the first time I have worn it since the last review, mainly because I have just been picking it up and caressing it instead of applying it. It’s beautiful and super long wearing, but it is SUPER difficult to put it on. I needed a lot of concealer around my lips, 2 Q tips and a tissue. After it’s on your lips it’s easy. Except I took a nap in my make up ( i frequently do that) and I have to be very, very careful about staining the sheets. It’s like a temperamental supermodel wife or something.

I’m also more conscious about eating, not because I’m worried the colour will fade (it completely doesn’t) but I’m concerned about just how much pigment I’m ingesting. if there is enough to stay on my lips for 9 hours ++ and enough to smear all over my bread while I’m eating, will I become a radioactive mutant???


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