Unveil + Review: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


So, if I was the one reading a blog now I’ll totally skip this entry. I mean, fragrances, purlease.

Visual example:


Top 3 shelves are the husband’s, while the fifth one is… a wedding present + my fragrances. I had to put a shoebox of his fragrances into the cupboard because they wouldn’t fit onto the shelves anymore, while my collection is small enough to share the shelf space with a giant snowglobe. Can you spot what fragrances he or I have that’s recognisable?

It’s rather pointless asking about mine really because I only have 3 after today, not counting the 1/4 remaining bottle of Elizabeth Arden’s Fifth Avenue that we found in the house when we moved in. My family has always been weird on perfumes. My mum sprays her Chanel can’t – remember-what into the toilet bowl. It’s the quintessential toilet fragrance for her.

Anyway the ones that I do have are all gifts, in order of acquisition:
1. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne
2. Versace Yellow Crystal
3. And now, V&R Flowerbomb.

So let’s ignore the others and talk about Flowerbomb first. I didn’t even want to buy this at first because it’s so so so expensive. In fact, that’s the only reason I was intrigued by it – why the hell is this perfume so expensive? And since when did Viktor&Rolf do fragrances? (Since like 8 years back apparently – see, I know nothing about perfumes.) 3.4oz (100ml, my size) costs 165 USD from Sephora USA… just – wow. I believe locally it can be found in Tangs for 199 SGD.

I told my husband to grab a sample but he got a full bottle because it was much cheaper in Hongkong, but now that I do the math I realised it’s more expensive than I originally thought it was because I used the wrong currency exchange rate. So it’s still really expensive, at HKD860, about SGD140. FML. Oh wow, now I see it on Amazon for USD112 with free shipping, which sounds like a great deal for people who don’t travel.

In comparison, at discount perfume stores, you can buy Versace Yellow Crystal at around SGD90. It just struck me that the Jo Malone is also incredibly expensive, actually, at around SGD200 per 100ml as well, so I have no idea what I’m talking about, but at least the mark up for that in Singapore is very high – it’s USD120 on Jo Malone International. In fact you can find it for USD130 with free shipping to Singapore on Amazon.


So pwetty!


More pwetty


The bottle is…. okay? I personally think my Versace looks snazzier.

Now onto the smell, which is the important part.

I have no nose for fragrances. At all. I know roughly, what kinds I don’t like (anything that smells vaguely like Chanel No.5, anything too sickly sweet like all the stupid Victoria’s Secret bullshit, anything with too much rose in it) and what I do like (not-too-sweet florals, clean and fresh.) So all I can tell you is that Flowerbomb is pretty floral (it has to be), much sweeter than the other 2 I own, but not sweet enough to make me gag, and stays very, very long. I would say it would probably be pretty universally pleasing.

What I imagine when I smell it is a classy girl from a rich family who is slightly haughty but very admired by all. Like um, Astrid Leong from Crazy Rich Asians (what an obscure chick lit reference that no one will understand anyway.) Or maybe a slightly better-liked version of Gwendolyn from The Importance of Being Earnest. It makes me feel young (as compared to the more elegant side I try to lean to) but not young enough to be silly. And somehow it’s also a little bit musky and sexy. So maybe, a slightly sexy classy rich girl?

Is it worth the money?

Seeing as I never bought any fragrance for myself and all my fragrances are gifts from male admirers (that’s how long I’ve had them and they’re still not halfway through) I would say that I’m not one to spend on fragrances. Still, as evidenced by my husband who must have close to 50 bottles at a conservative estimate, obviously people do. If you’re one to spend over a hundred dollars on fragrances, I would say go for it. It’s sweet and sexy and young without being too much of anything.

Also, the box is REALLY PRETTY. I’ve been keeping the stupid cardboard box around just to look at it and the black wax seal print and ribbons and everything. The actual perfume bottle I don’t really care for.


Note: I realise there is an EDT version. Mine is the EDP, which is more concentrated (and more expensive.)


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