DIY Experiment: Body Scrub

Skincare is not something I do for parts other than my face. I only have time and energy and shelf space to cater for one part of my body, thanks.

Recently though my heels have become really, really cracked and dry and peeling and I’ve been craving for a good body scrub. We hacked away our bath tub when doing up our little apartment because very, very few people take baths in our country, I believe. (feel free to prove me wrong.) I only want to do a good bath/relaxing pampering thing every few months anyway. Our other little holiday apartment in a land where utility bills are dirt cheap is well stocked with bath rubbish like bath salts, scrubs, hair treatment masks, etc but not here.

So these are the way I came up with to do some nice exfoliating without running to the store to buy scrubs.  They are sometimes unintentionally hilarious.

1. Use facial exfoliation scrub.

My weapon of choice was my Body Shop microdermabrasion, because I have a TON of facial scrubs and I’m trying so hard to go through them. I suppose if I use them regularly I’ll have the prettiest, most face-like feet in the world.

Pros: none that I can think of, except maybe convenience.
Cons: way too gentle for my feet. I mean my facial skin is 1000000x smoother and softer than the rubbish on my heels. I don’t even think this made a difference even though it’s rather rough on my skin. Also obviously it’s gonna be super expensive if you use it regularly. Luckily I only used a small dollop and for my feet, not the whole body.

2. DIY Scrubs
next I went to look for recipes online for DIY home made scrubs. I mean, in the end, scrubs are basically something rough suspended in something smooth, moisturizing and hopefully nice smelling. My house is still in the middle of being done up so I’m lacking a lot of ingredients.

It makes you feel really professional and awesome, whipping something up.

Essential oils?? Sea salt? Coconut oil? Coffee? I don’t even have normal salt in my house I think. If you don’t cook much (or like us, haven’t been cooking much) or don’t have fancyass oils and rubbish in the house, this method is not for you.

I’m too low class for this shit. Image from

Note: I have to confess I did not actually try out this method, because no oils. They said specifically don’t use cooking oil. Then another website said it’s fine to use cooking oil. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

3. My Lazy Method
Well… scrubs are basically some kinda oily stuff + rough stuff right? I found some massage cream (cocoa smelling no less! MMMMM CHOCOLATE) and dumped some sugar inside and used it.

Visual steps
1. Sugar in random plastic container

2. Massage cream in sugar


3. Mix until correct proportion, which to me is something like this


Looks highly unappealing. And I don’t know if my massage cream is expired or not. Oops. Well, it went over all the non important parts of my body, like all the rough and scrabbly bits – knees, elbows, calves, etc so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Idiot proof. Get some existing body butter or creamy thing or body oil of some kind, dump salt/sugar/some kind of abrasive in. If you’re anything like me, you have a shit ton of body butter in your house from aeons ago. Lotions don’t quite work here I think, the medium has to be creamy/oily.

I very stupidly used… I still don’t know what kind of sugar it is, but it’s too nice and pretty and smooth. It works ok for the body, but doesn’t feel as rough as it could/should be. DAMN YOU!

4. My Lazy Method 2.0

I got a cute little jar. It used to hold blueberry cheesecake.

Now it holds sugar and salt (which I finally bought.)

Here is a helpful photo showing how to squeeze massage cream into a jar.

Once again i must reiterate that I like living on the wild side because I have no idea if my massage cream is expired or not. In the end I get this kind of consistency:

I must say this worked pretty damn well. The salt is pleasantly rough, and I even left some and kept it in the jar. It seems to preserve pretty well, I used the same mixture a few days later and I’m still alive. In fact, the few days made the sugar and salt a bit more compact, which felt better overall.

So now that you have read about how to make your own body scrub the extremely frugal and idiot proof way, go forth!


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