Mini haul


Today is a depressing day… i traded a Dior palette I had and didn’t like (another gift from an ardent male admirer last time…. hahaha) and was supposed to get the Nars duo eyeshadow in Demon Lover and some The Body Shop shimmer cubes (I like collecting them if they’re cheap/free) but I got an empty envelope!!!!! I think the stuff dropped out in transit, which is a huge tragedy. I never had any Nars stuff and thought it was about time I did, but noooo.

Hopefully I can get something else in exchange. 😦

Any how, I do have some new stuff recently.

1. ELF daily brush cleaner
This is the old, ginormous bottle (yay!) I need a spritz to clean my brushes after daily use and ELF is obviously the cheapest. Problem is the ingredient list seems to be nothing much but water and denatured alcohol. I wonder if I can make my own spritz with like, alcohol disinfectant and water??

2. Mentholatum Water Colour Lip Moisturizer in Kissy Pink
Another obscure Asian drugstore item, another coral/peach lipstick/balm. I like to live on the edge, because any kind of orange have never traditionally looked good on my lips. I got this because it was packaged with the lip butter, was cheap and had good reviews.

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
I have no lip butters before this! I know, right? This is a very cool toned barbie kind of pink, which is very dangerous for me as well. I like either dramatic lip colours or nude I-am-wearing-very-little-makeup colours, but not in between, like these pale-but-obviously-madeup lip colours. But like above, it was packaged together and was dirt cheap (I’m a sucker for great deals.) I paid like, SGD5 for 2 decent products, one of which is highly sought after.

4. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation + master fluid primer sample + face fabric sample
Once again, suckered into a great deal. This foundation is insanely expensive (because Mr Armani) and supposedly incredibly luxurious. It also just happens to be in my shade, and was dirt cheap. So of COURSE I grabbed it (because I LOVE ARMANI BEAUTY.) The seller was also nice enough to provide 2 free samples so I was a happy camper. The only problem is that I like to ‘save’ my expensive brand name things (my Chanel Vitalumiere has been around for 2 years) which is stupid because you buy make up to use it, amirite?

In depth reviews will be done on all my items in the future. I’m still mourning over my lost Nars duo. Perhaps Nars and I were not meant to be.


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