Benefit That Gal Primer Review

I’ve never owned a single Benefit item before, but I managed to snag this That Gal primer in a swap. It has extremely polarized reviews online – people just can’t seem to make up their minds about it. I’ve experimented with it, and…… let me elaborate.

I hate the packaging. Sometimes while removing the cap I twist the product and a lot comes up. Why can’t they just do a damned squeeze tube like their sample sizes?

2014-07-30 14.12.09-1

2014-07-30 14.14.51Mess to the max.

2014-07-30 11.39.11-1

With make up-prolonging primer done. Because That Gal apparently does not have make up preserving properties.


2014-07-30 11.40.31-1

That Gal on the left side of the picture.

2014-07-30 11.42.15-1

That Gal on both sides,

2014-07-30 11.42.55-1Side view?


Do you see a difference? I think I do… if I squint. Maybe it makes me look a bit more glowy. Or dewy. Or something. But I’m naturally quite glowy to begin with….

But honestly, it doesn’t make enough difference for me to want to keep it around. I rather swap it for something I like, instead of something ‘meh.’ I won’t even bother breaking down the product because it’s just so meh, except for the packaging which I hate with a passion.



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