Benefit They’re Real! Push up Liner and Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner

Apparently everyone has been going gaga over Benefit’s Push up Liner (except me, because I don’t care for Benefit very much…)

They're real, y'all
They’re real, y’all

I’m very, very sure when all the hype reached Asia, all of us were like ‘Innovation? BITCH PLZ’ because we’ve had this for a very, very long time. Hell, even I had this since last year.

From Because my own one has been so ill taken care of that all the lettering has faded.
Because my own one has been so ill taken care of that all the lettering has faded.

I bought this when I was still on purely pencils. I hate pencils though because they smudge like crazy. I don’t have oily lids and eyeshadow stays perfectly well on me but WHY NOT PENCIL LINERS?? I think it has something to do with sweat and the fact that I sweat FUCKING PROFUSELY. Anyway gripes aside, a make up artist used a Maybelline gel pot liner on me once and I was super impressed by the clean sharp lines and I was less impressed with the fact that it was done with a brush – Brushes? For me? Nothxbye. (that was a long time ago.)

So of course I gave gel liners a second chance when this came out. A pen? Pens are the easiest things in the world, amirite?

Some people have done some comparisons between this two products. I do not have the Benefit liner and I do not intend to spend my money on it (because I am not addicted to Benefit like I am to Giorgio Armani and the like) but it appears to me that since the principles of the products are the same, any benefits/problems of the product will be similar as well, barring perhaps slight differences in formula. Apparently this Maybelline Gel Pen Liner seems to have been restricted to Singapore/Japan/not sure anywhere else in Asia which is why not many people know about it.

Seriously guys, this shit is not that revolutionary. I originally suspected sharing of formulas/ideas (a la YSL Glossy stains and Loreal Shine Caresse gloss stains since they are both owned by Loreal) but it would appear that Benefit is owned by LVMH and Maybelline is obviously, not. So…. someone at LVMH didn’t do their homework.

Okay, enough rambling. Let’s get down to what’s really important.

Benefit claims:

It’s the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won’t smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!

  1. I can’t quite make out the first sentence… they didn’t say it’s the first ever gel liner in a pen. So… I can’t quite call bullshit on that. Lash hugging is highly subjective and debatable though.
  2. Won’t smudge, budge or dry out. Most gel liners do that anyway, hey? That’s a hallmark of a good gel liner, pen or not.
  3. Innovative accuflex tip… we’ll see about that.

I have to start off by saying that I like my Maybelline gel pen, but it’s like a child of yours that always gets into trouble. It’s convenient for sure… to transport, and not much else. To use, hmmmm. To give you an idea, today I lined my eyes with it and I took about 10 minutes fiddling with my liner.

The Maybelline gel liner has a flexi tip too, that’s rubbery and firm but not stiff. It also works the same way, by using the twisty-click push up mechanism. It even has the same damn screw on cap. Purlease.



2014-07-30 14.16.13-1


Yes, I will click please.
2014-07-30 14.15.57-1 2014-07-30 14.16.55Grossed-up tip.

Execution wise:

The clicky pen mechanism sounds like a dream and was what made me buy it in the first place, but it’s not. It’s hard to be careful to twist up just enough product, and sometimes I open the cap to find stuff already oozed out (I suspect from expansion from heat, because I don’t bring it around.) It’s relatively easy to use, but you still need control of the pen for a precise line. If not, you’ll end up with a gigantic liner, so why use a gel pen in the first place?

I can tightline with this pretty well because there are no bristles that poke into my sensitive areas and it obviously has better staying power than a pencil. I don’t know, however, about the lash hugging capabilities, no matter how great your tip is. My lash bases are super stiff and rebellious and I’ve never been able to make it such that there are 0 non-black gaps.

2014-07-28 16.54.51 2014-07-28 16.55.28pardon me for looking greasy, this make up was post-walking in the sweltering heat. Which shows you that the gel liner holds up pretty damn well.

Formula wise, Maybelline’s staying power and opacity is fucking awesome. Which means that removing is a gigantic chore. I found out today that using this gel liner means a full day commitment, because I wore it for a few hours and took it off and the effort was Not Worth It. To give you an idea, it involves a cotton pad with make up remover, then cleanser, then back to the cotton pad to remove what I didn’t manage to get the first time, then cleanser again, and usually one more round of make up remover (maybe with Q tips this time) and probably another round of cleanser. Yes, it’s THAT big a commitment.

Benefit apparently released an eye make up remover along with this, which I believe is another marketing move to con more money out of you. Use a normal fucking biphase/oil make up remover, people! Like everyone else in Asia uses! Mine costs me like SGD8. I don’t believe their formula can last against that. My Maybelline liner certainly doesn’t.

Some people have said the Maybelline liner gloops up at the start and doesn’t spread evenly. I wouldn’t say it spreads the most evenly (I’ve since come across another gel liner that is creamier and easier to apply) but it probably also has something to do with how much product you get out of the tube as well, and if you clicky-click too much I refuse to believe Benefit’s won’t gloop up.

Why Maybelline’s is a pain for me though is because the pen just cannot afford as much control as a brush. I’ve been using it for months and I’m getting better, but I still find that I draw thicker lines than I wanted to. If you look at Benefit’s tutorial videos, you can see that they all draw OMIGOSH thick lines. Seriously, you want me to have that much liner everyday? Not happening. Try doing a thin line, then maybe I’ll believe you.

Would I ever get the push up liner? No. Unless someone offered to swap it with me. I refuse to be spending money on an ‘innovative’ name brand item that a drugstore brand already did.

Bonus pic example:2014-07-29 09.29.17Using my gel pen liner again, this time only tightlining + outer half. If you really zoom in (no idea why you’d wanna do that) you can still see bits of gaps where my lash roots are. IT CAN’T BE HELPED, PEOPLE. It looks good enough from far, but it will never, ever fill up those pesky gaps and ‘hug’ your lashes.

Pros: Super dark line, easy for beginners to understand (open cap and draw, no dipping of brushes into pot and washing brushes and shit), easy to transport, may be easier to draw in waterline/tightline.

Cons: Super fucking difficult to remove, lines are almost impossible to draw very thin, pen control has a learning curve. I have no idea how much of my product is left, and the pen probably has very little product compared to a pot.

Summary: I suspect beginners are still better off using brushes (listen up, past self!) unless you’re the kind who does dramatic thick/gothic/winged liner every day, then you’ll be super happy with this. For people like me, who like low-key make up but still want our damn liner to stay put, not so much.

Then again, I notice that both Benefit and Maybelline promote this using the idea of drama – super cat eyes and lasting drama, so maybe their whole intention was to get you to draw super thick lines in the first place, which means my entire post has been rendered useless rubbish. Still, don’t waste money on Benefit’s version.


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