FOTD with MAC Studio Sculpt + beauty mishaps

So ironically, after I posted about how pregnancy makes my skin wonderful, I had a mini breakout of sorts. Well, what I call a breakout is probably a normal day for some people, so I’m still thanking my genes.

I think it was caused by a new facial wash sample I was trying out. I found the sample sachet randomly, and since I almost refuse to waste anything I decide to try it out. I’ve been using it for about a week until this happened. (Apparently i use very, very little cleanser – it was 10ml and i still had half left, which i promptly threw away.)

If anyone is interested the cleanser was from Belo, which now I discover is a Filipino skincare brand. Seeing this sentence “With this in mind, the Belo Medical Group focuses on the unique and special skin care needs of the Filipina” makes me wonder if it’s because I’m not Filipina so it doesn’t work on me :p

Anyway, my skin hasn’t been so bad in like a year, and it made me really depressed. My day no-makeup-makeup with my BB creams seemed to make it look worse, plus as I have reiterated so many times, I don’t actually have a concealer that matches my shade perfectly for blemishes (cos I never really needed one.)

So when redoing make up for dinner out, I decided to break out my MAC Studio Sculpt in NC20. It felt a bit too heavy for me last time but sometimes you need more coverage :p

And good lord! It’s not a very natural finish foundation – I look like I’m wearing make up, which is fine: sometimes you need a bit of airbrushiness. It completely eliminates pores on my nose and gives medium coverage to reduce the appearance of my blemishes without concealer. I think it was made for photography, it’s like photoshop in a bottle (that’s why it was called studio sculpt, probably.)

Photographs beautifully:


Although it can look a bit thick and obvious in real life. I think it looks great for night time to give a really photoshopped look, but is probably too heavy and fake looking for day time. People have said all sorts of conflicting things about it, like it’s glowy or dewy but for me it’s totally matte (bit too matte in fact.)

PS I also have something to confess. While clearing off some of my facial peach fuzz I accidentally shaved a bit off my left eyebrow, which makes it 2 beauty catastrophes in 1 day. It’s not THAT bad (thankfully, if not I’ll never leave the house again) but a noticeable chunk is missing. I’m trying to cover it up with my brow pencil, hope it’s successful.

Lips are L’Oréal Shine Caresse gloss stain in 603 Milady, which is very lilacky and purple without going overboard. Me approve.

MAC Studio sculpt caked horribly after a few hours + sweating… maybe I applied too thick a layer. I’ll try buffing into the skin with a brush the next time.


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