Pregnancy changes

Pregnancy has been a huge part of the last 8 months for me, from non-stop vomiting that thankfully stopped in the first few months, to lugging around an extra 10++ kilos on my frame right now. (seriously. When you’re small to start with, its a pain. I gained close to 30% of my original body weight!!)

It’s been a bit depressing, because I’ve always been a bit of a fashionista and I’ve always prided myself in keeping a toned, fit body to go with my fancy clothes. The past few months, I haven’t been wearing my 6 inch heels (my shoe closet is 90% comprised of them) and I cant fit into all my skater and slim cut dresses anymore (my waist was my previous favourite feature of my body.) By right I should still have been able to do that for the first 3 months at least, but I was throwing up all the time and feeling terribly depressed.

Apart from the obvious good thing of soon having a small irritating crying thing (I’m kidding – I’m pretty excited, don’t let my sarcasm lead you to think otherwise), there are only a few good things that came out of pregnancy. In case anyone out there is wondering how being/becoming pregnant will affect your outlook on the beauty world:


I’ve always been on the big side for a model and Ive constantly been told to lose that little bit more, and I maintain my figure by exercising the hell out of it and watching what I eat. However, obviously very few pregnant women care particularly about the amount of calories in what they eat, so since then I have given two flying fucks about what I’ve been putting into my mouth. Ben and Jerry,  cookies, curry, ham, Macdonalds (I’ve always shunned processed meat) have all been fair game. And the best part is, it had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. I look basically the same now as I did before. Maybe a little bit less toned (can’t help it, no exercise) but all that changed is my belly. Censor my middle section and nobody would know I was pregnant. I never had the luxury of eating whatever I wanted and remaining the same size. Can I please have this feature of pregnancy continue? The weird thing is that I don’t even think this is supposed to happen. Most women get fat. I swear I did not pledge my child to the devil to get this feature.

2. Radiant skin
I really had more radiant skin, with some booby traps. My one sun spot on my left cheek seems to have darkened over the course of pregnancy – I never remembered it as being so difficult to conceal before. My couple of acne marks on my chin too. The dark skin around the eye area is a little bit more pronounced, but I think its just the side effect of the rest of my face becoming brighter, whiter and radiant. Am I totally happy? Not really, dark eye circles are a bitch to conceal properly now. But my great skin means that my occasional whiteheads/pimples have been reduced to about two in the past 8 months, and it MUST be the reason why I find it so damned difficult to use up any kind of foundation, because I really only need it around my nose, chin and eyes. I leave at least half my cheeks bare, I think. I’ve been using the same tube of BB cream for like a year and it still hasn’t ended. Plus, I don’t know if its because I try to be more regular with skincare, but my skin is so sooooper soft, especially after cleansing in the morning, like a baby’s butt (I will compare it in a few weeks when i get the baby.) My skin also looks more transparent, which is also partly bad because I can see veiny bits sometimes under my cheeks and on my eyelids.



I’m not sure if you’ll be able to notice in just a few blog posts, but I do not give a flying fuck about my hair. I aim to be deeply religious about make up and skincare, but I could care less what I put in my hair. Pregnancy has given me a SHIT TON of hair. My hair is growing insanely fast and it’s insanely thick now (and super hot in this bloody weather.) The dark side to this is that MY FACE HAS SO MUCH HAIR TOO. I never noticed my peach fuzz… until now. I look like I have goddamn fine lines under my eyes, but when I scrutinize them, I find that it’s actually goddamn HAIR! I look forward to not having hair on my face anymore, especially since it hurts to pluck them, but I shudder to think of shedding my gloriously thick mane.

Pregnancy affects everyone differently, but this is my experience and how it has changed my beauty routines (for.. largely the better?) and I must say, is the whole reason I got into make up in the first place, because last time I could rely on killer heels and dresses to look chic, but now I have to rely on a killer face.


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