In Search of the Perfect Red Lips: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400 The Red Review



Woohoo! my secret package, and the apparent solution to my search!!

I was so very excited to test it out. It’s supposed to be super opaque and long wearing, yet comfortable. I hate longwear liquid lipstick type products, which this is, because they tend to dry to a layer on your lips. This normally isn’t a problem for most people, but remember I peel and pluck and smoosh my lips together and god knows what else, ALL the time. any of those longwear lipsticks wouldn’t last an hour on me before starting to flake and peel. HOWEVER, this is supposed to stay moist and is not transfer proof (that’s fine with me!) so it basically is a longwearing lipstick that is without the flaws which make long wearing lipsticks a no no for me! (I suppose Dior Fluid Sticks are probably another similar product except I heard their staying power is awful and they suck in general. I don’t quite believe in Dior products.)


LOOK HOW PIGMENTED IT IS! Fully opaque with one swipe.



I did not dip my applicator back into the tube, AT ALL, to get this full swipe of colour on my lips. as you can see it has a satin finish that’s not quite glossy when first applied.


image image

the colour is a bold, unapologetic blue red. I feel like a movie sex siren 😛 Maybe I should go and do another editorial with this lipstick instead of the Chanel La Fascinante!

Texture: thick but not hard to apply, slightly creamy. There is a veeery slight lipsticky taste that doesn’t really bother me and only if you accidentally eat some, and no scent.

Colour/pigmentation: super awesome as you can see. opaque in less than 1 swipe. beautiful blue red. somehow it makes my horrible lips look better and less messed up as well!

One con though, of its superb pigmentation is that it’s too easy to make a mistake. I had to dab concealer around my lips for the perfect defined line and accidentally smeared a little here and there. Make sure you have q tips and some make up remover handy.

Staying power: superb. Here’s a photo of me after about 5 hours with some light drinking.


0 touch ups required! it does dry down to a slightly more matte look than when freshly applied, becoming a true ‘modern matte’ – not too flat and boring but still matte.

Price: I got mine for SGD23, a complete steal considering they retail for SGD45 or so I believe. This tube has 6.5ml, which is slightly more than the average lip gloss. Online shopping is your best friend!

Red lips rating: 5/5

I would repurchase in a heartbeat but that’s true of all GA product because I am obsessed with them. But I do think it’s great value for money because you don’t need to touch up and its super pigmented in one swipe.

Am I satisfied? Yeees….. but it’s still a leeeeeeetle bit too dark. Maybe? Or am I nitpicking?

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