My make up philosophy (right now)

Our make up style changes pretty often as we ourselves mature and grow. I’ve finally found something I’m pretty happy with and intend to stick to for awhile, and this influences entirely the products I get, and what I write on here, so I think it’s good to discuss this concept.

Since now I’m married and almost giving birth soon and finally stepping into the Mummy/old hag territory while still being pretty damn young, I need a balance. I can’t wear like… crop and crochet tops that look like they will get ripped apart any second, or things like that. All the while I’ve leaned towards the more elegant and understated.

This means, if you trawl through my make up photos, that I don’t quite do dramatic looks.

2014-07-27 17.35.21-1

This is, helpfully, my FOTD, for a day where I didn’t do anything except go to the nearby mall to run some errands, and spend the rest of the time up till now bumming around at home. Some people wear fancy as fuck make up EVERY DAY. I admit, I would dearly love to, but my husband would raise an eyebrow and I simply don’t go out of the house enough right now (thanks to future baby.)

This look has primer, base, concealer, eyebrows, and cheek tint and just the lightest touch of contouring (can’t live without that shit). I had a sheer moisturizing lipstick on but I ate it up with my lunch. I have no mascara/liner on at ALL because it’s so damn hot it will most likely melt off once I go outside, and it’s too much of a bother to remove if I’m not going to do it properly, and it’s just basically not quite worth the effort. I didn’t even use powder because I know it would have melted off. But from the huge number of base products I still use (PRIMER, FOR FUCK’S SAKE) you can tell that I really, really love a flawless base. Laura Mercier was probably my sister in our previous lives.

I would say this is the perfect no make-up make up. And somehow after sweating all over and drying off, the make up seems to have ‘set’ into my face, making it look even more natural, like I woke up gloriously gorgeous without dark eye circles and all that shit.

I have a LOT of eyeshadow. I would LOVE to use all my fancy as fuck eyeshadows. I don’t quite care what the public thinks about me, but I’m always afraid my mum/husband/sister will think that I’m a freak (oops) and anyway even if I do fancy eyeshadows, I’m never going to do giant neon or colourful looks because that’s just not my style. If I use bright eyeshadows they tend to stay only on my lids, which don’t look too intimidating. Sorry, I’m a wuss. But when I do eyeshadow (eyeshadow being a verb here) I try to make it interesting while being wearable, meaning street and even work appropriate and nobody will look at you like you’re a freak.

However I am a huge cheapo, so I always try my best to use up every single product I have until the last drop of life is squeezed from them. So even if my concealer doesn’t match me (it doesn’t) by the virtue that I happen to own it I will use the fuck out of it. My eyeshadows will stick around for 40 years (from the looks of it.)

So there’s that. I don’t cake on a ton of make up (but sometimes I wish I could and had the opportunity to) but I try to review and analyze things that do work for me and may be niche and difficult to find reviews on (god knows I’ve tried!!) and probably I can give you a few tips on how to make the most out of your random products.


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