Cyber Colours Ultra Fine Make Up Base Zero Pore Primer Review

I got this primer in a swap, which is my favourite way of getting make up 😀 Cyber Colours is a Hongkong brand, I believe.

Previously the SANA Pore Putty Make Up Base was my only primer. It worked well enough for me (enough such that when I walked around with my 5 product face one night i.e. without primer I noticed the huge difference.) but its not like I had anything to compare to. So of course I chose this base when I could in a swap 😀

The packaging is very grubby (think NARS) but I like the squeeze tube – always easier and hygienic.

2014-07-27 17.49.35-1

Before and after is important… so this is my fresh face after cleansing in the morning, sans make up. See big pores, redness, etc.


This primer gives a very silky feel. Even though I have never used silicone based primers before and I can’t find the ingredient list online, I guess this must have silicone. I apply it on my huge nose pores, the pores around my nose, and under my eyes.


Post primer… Tadah! Pores are blurred (a little) and redness is slightly evened out. Of course don’t expect miracles from a no coverage product but I’m pretty impressed I must say!


I like touching my face after applying this because soooo smooth. However many people are sensitive to silicones, I’ve heard, so this may not be for everyone. I don’t think I will break out but I rarely break out from anything.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this product especially since I got it for free!!

Texture: creamy and silky gel texture that melts into your face
Colour/pigmentation: erm, none? Haha. Don’t think it’s supposed to have any anyway.
Finish: matte and silky, non shiny. It makes my make up last.
Price: I believe we can buy it locally in Sasa, but I have no idea about the price. Probably in the low 20s range, which makes it a solid drugstore priced product. Carousell has it for around $10-$15 from people.

Would I repurchase: Yes! I quite like it but I’m not madly in love… yet. I’ll probably give a final verdict after a few tries.


I applied each primer on half my nose. On the left (not my left, viewer’s left) is SANA, and the right is Cyber Colours.

(My pores are horrendously visible. Is this considered ok or abnormal??)

It’s a bit hard to tell in photos, especially with that stupid patch of light in the way, but my verdict is this:

SANA covers pores better visually, but only because the product sinks into the pores (can see small globs of lighter colour product inside pores, if you look closely) I’m super unprone to breakouts but I’m not sure what this would do for people who have problems. SANA also appears to make my make up last longer, but I’m currently test driving that as we speak with a BB cream that I know doesn’t have much staying power.

Cyber Colours decreases the pothole-ness of the pores, but not the black visibility of the mini craters on my nose, but it feels like my face is a smoother canvas (thanks to the silicones probably.)

I’ll be using more of my SANA primer still because I need to finish up my tube (I am very practical and I hate having half used tubes of stuff lying around.)


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