Where I discuss the Make Up I am Well and Truly Addicted to

I always claim I’m not a make up addict. Well, not QUITE the make up addict. I don’t have 30 red lipsticks that are mostly the same shade. I don’t have 50 lip glosses.

However there ARE some things that greatly inspire the hoarder in me. By hoarding, I mean needing to own them even if I don’t use them much/plan to use them much. Here’s an overview of them:



These are my undoing. I don’t know why I fell in love, but I did, hard. I bought 2 from the counter, and I so rarely buy things from counters – my husband raised an eyebrow. ‘You spent almost a hundred bucks on powder??‘ I’ve accumulated 6 so far and they’re bloody expensive. Are they worth it? Yes, even if it’s just to look at. Hoarding has no rhyme or reason.

They’re prettyyyyyyy. Honestly, the L’Oréal infallible shadows are probably dupes, but its something about the packaging, the gorgeous mix of colours in the pot, that draws me in, even if it doesn’t necessarily translate to the eyelids. Not that they perform badly – they’re superb, but I’ve always been skeptical of their value for money (because cheapo.)

I mean please, I’m not one to indulge in super high end make up. I don’t have 20 Chanel quads or whatever. But I still get that voice in my head screaming BUYBUYBUY whenever I see Giorgio Armani stuff. If I collected more of his stuff the next thing will probably be the Lip Maestros. I also love his foundations and I’m looking into that. SEE, there’s no end to my love for Mr GA.

I don’t know!!!!! Maybe because YSL Dior and Chanel make up are too mainstream and if I have to choose high end, I’d choose Giorgio Armani. 😉 But seriously, I think his make up line is greatly curated – there are way less duds than in other expensive luxury lines. The foundations are superb, his eyeshadows and blushes are all superb, his lip products are superb – OMG marry me please.



Now this is better and easier on the wallet than my illicit love for Armani. I loved these stains when they first came out, and I’m still loving them. They’re brainless to apply and stay on a long, long time. I buy mine online usually for about $5-$10 each. One of my more practical obsessions.

They’re easy and quick to use, and their names are so adorable. The Asian versions at least. The first shade I bought, Lolita, was because… you guessed it, I love the book. Not because the colour looked great on me, not because I can particularly pull off deep pinks, not because it matches my skintone. In fact I suspect I convinced myself I loved it AFTER I bought it. I’m such a retard. But I love the glossy stain effect of the range, their easy application, and lovely colours. This is probably the most usable and most logical of my hoarding.



I don’t use eyeshadow THAT often – a swipe on the lid is what I go for most days. I’d rather have a bold lip than bold eyes – just too much hassle to use 5 different colours and to wash brushes. Fancier days get a little bit of crease shadow, and I hardly have a chance to do full blown eye make up. So why do I want to collect Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes obsessively?! Only the Omniscient would know. I bought my first palette, the original, at $5, what I thought was a total bargain but now that I’m purchasing more obsessively, less so… I just put in orders for 4 more, putting my collection at 5 in total. What’s wrong with me??

one reason has got to be the theme of each palette. The romantic sucker in me wanted Oh So Special and Vintage Romance very badly because well – I’m a romantic sucker. I mean, meet in Madrid, Vow in Venice, Forever in Florence, Love in London?!? SIGN ME ON! All of my favourite vacation spots + the idea of love… ahhh. So essentially yes, I fell for marketing ploys. What a sucker. At least these shadows are pretty good quality and don’t disappoint.

I am seriously not a make up addict – EXCEPT FOR THESE ITEMS. So long as this list doesnt expand too wildly, I guess I still can’t be counted as a make up addict. Otherwise, there is no reasoning with me.

What are the items that you’re addicted to?


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