5 product face

I saw this blog post the other day about using only 5 products to do make up. Considering i use like, 4 products on my base alone, this is definitely a challenge for me.


I would use, from my collection:


1. FOUNDATION: Can’t stress the importance of this enough. I’ll die before i do make up without foundation. just something not right about it. in this case i choose the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. it has enough coverage to cover my dark eye circles partially, but leaves a gloriously silky and radiant finish without the need for powder, which choosing 5 products do not give me the luxury of. i hate my face feeling sticky when i touch it, so i definitely need a silky finish.

NOTE: I choose to skip concealer because i have little blemishes and all my concealers don’t match my skin tone perfectly. i am a horrible person.


2. MASCARA: you should swap this for concealer if you’re very blemished or have heavy eye circles. but it’s important to have mascara even though i hate it and my lashes are poker straight and can never hold curls. black lashes, even if they’re straight, look better than wimpy normal lashes. I only have one mascara (lousy ain’t I) from TonyMoly which i bought because its dirt cheap and I love cats. but to me all mascaras work the same so it makes no difference. (I am probably highly unenlightened. I will slowly try to see the light.)

Truth to be told sometimes i do my whole face and completely forget the mascara. DO NOT BE LIKE ME.


3. EYEBROW PENCIL + BRUSH: i would also die before i step out of my house without drawing brows. The next most important thing after flawless face is BROWS. I’m still primitive because people have gone on to brow gels and waxes and mascara and god knows what and I’m like wha-?? for people with decent brows which are not too messy or unruly, a pencil seriously is fine, no need to go too high tech about it. in fact, I have no idea where Selphy, my brand came from – i think it’s korean. my mum gave it to me one day and it works good so that’s good enough for me. i use the spoolie at the end to blend out my pencil strokes.



Following Beauty and the Bullshit’s wonderful article, I have actually noticed that some Korean brand name pencils are just about identical to this one. Those include some from Etude House, The Face Shop, or one or another Korean brand (can you tell I don’t care much for Korean brands?) Considering I have no idea how much this costs and I have seen people selling Etude eyebrow pencils like this for $6, I must say that they seem to be a good buy. Anyway I am in no risk of running out of eyebrow pencil any time soon even though I use it every single goddamn day.


4. BLUSH: you could really cheat on this if you wanted with a contour – highlight-blush palette, like the Sleek Face Form. I would go straight for my HG Kiko blush, which unfortunately i had to bid adieu to. would have given me 3 wonderful shades for a 3D cheek effect, so technically I’m still cheating. i replaced it with the Sleek blush by 3 palette in lace, which is still 3 shades for me to layer, so I’m still cheating. but really. Blush is TERRIBLY IMPORTANT please never skip it unless you want to look sick or zombie-like (if zombies had radiant skin.)


5. LIPGLOSS: lip products are VERY IMPORTANT. There was a period of time I put on nice make up and LEFT MY LIPS BARE and i completely cringe to think of that. i mean, i know my lips are horrible, but still. i realized lips are like skin – if it looks uneven and patchy (which bare lips usually do) it looks UGLY, especially when the rest of the face is flawless. I chose the L’Oréal Shine Caresse gloss stain in 606 Lolita which is my favourite. it’s sheer enough to look barely there with 1 swipe. 2 swipes are just dark enough to make you look polished but wearing not too much make up (right up my alley). people with less pigmented lips might wanna choose 600 Venus instead which is pinker and lighter. I love this shit because its super long wearing, feels pleasantly gummy on my lips, is relatively hydrating and the perfect fuss free in between of a gloss and lipstick, with a stain.

now onto results…


bare, clean, washed face.


start with the foundation! this pea sized bit is enough to cover my entire face, and then I squeezed a little more for areas which needed more coverage, like undereyes and chin. I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY suspect that my good skin highly reduces the amount of foundation I need/use – consequently every single base product I’ve had seems to last goddamn forever.



look at the difference foundation alone makes!!! plus, once again I’m reminded of how awesome Vitalumiere is – smooth, and so quick to dry down to its gorgeous silky finish.


draw eyebrows…


after roughly sketching in the brows, now its time to blend it out! i use the spoolie.





curling lashes: this is a trick i learnt to curl them better and for longer!!! you have to angle it up like that while its still clamping onto your lashes. you look stupid and ridiculous, but it works 🙂


oops, skipped the mascara and gloss bit, but we’re done!! Pardon the red eye, I think I poked myself somewhere.

personally i would not wear so little products – i mean come on, just give me space for powder and liner! and shadow! and contour! you get the idea… that’s why all our make up boxes are overflowing. but really, for a very basic done-in-5-minutes (probably less) face, especially people just starting on make up, this is probably perfect. it makes you look better while making you look like you didn’t wear make up (or at least, put on very little, and certainly didn’t try too hard.)

on the other hand, if you’re super practical,  you can go for ultra multitasking products. it’s entirely possible to draw eyebrows with eyeliner or vice versa (done that) and use lipstick as blush (also done that – can’t believe i walked out without blush!!!) or use the classic cream blush/lip products or tints, or a multitude of other things, really. but that’s cheating to me, at least in the context of the 5 product face :p

while applying my Chanel Vitalumiere I discovered that it’s actually too dark for me!!! and it’s B20 the second lightest shade already. Rather, it’s a tad too dark for my face, which is whiter than the rest of my body, so actually it makes my face match up better.


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