Review: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in 01


I have both colours of the body shop lip and cheek stain, although i heard they released an 03 recently. 01 is a traditional pinky red stain, much like Benetint, while 02 is a very fascinating bronzey gold shimmer with a fuchsia base. they haven’t gotten the best reviews online, but i like them and I’m convinced it’s because they aren’t publicized enough to people who know how to use them. today I’m only reviewing 01, which I got earlier and you can see is a little bit beat up.

A little bit of history about me and TBS make up… I had quite a lot of TBS make up, and still do, like their concealer, loose powder, the tints, a few shimmer cubes, etc. I have no idea why, since nobody really looks to TBS for make up anyway. Along the way I’ve discovered some really great products and some half decent products. And I realise that since they’re not very popular people looking to get rid of them sell them at ridiculously cheap prices, which makes the cheapo in me weep in joy.

i got 01 in the shop a while back, and 02 online for $2 (!!!!!!!!)

i already had this blush on before taking this photo. This was taken after about 7 hours of wear time… my cheek stain had faded off somewhat (from the looks of it, pretty significantly.)



but still, 7 hours is pretty decent, if not impressive. Our weather is so fucking hot every single goddamn day (like 37 celsius hot) and it’s super humid and I’m naturally prone to sweating and now I’m PREGNANT which makes my basal temperature even higher so…. I’m impressed.

a lot of people have said a lot of things about this, that its too sheer mainly. I used to find this a little sheer as well until I had an ephiphany. I bought this because I had some extra points on my body shop card or something and it looked interesting. I was pretty glad I did actually.

In here I’ve used it as a cheek stain, but as a lip stain it works pretty good too and lasts a long time. My lips are in a particularly horrible condition though, so i didn’t show it. Maybe on the few days where my lips look borderline acceptable I will.

so this is me topping up my slightly faded stain with a bit more. Pictures are all a little blurry because it’s essential to work fast.


dab some onto your cheks – i dab about 2-3 times.


I used to think it was sheer too, when i applied it with my fingers. i think it’s because most of the product gets soaked up into my fingers. after awhile i found this rubbish brush lying around and wow, it made a huge difference! definitely use synthetic bristles because natural hair will soak up the product. this brush is really scratchy and total rubbish. The only reason I didn’t throw it away was because my latent hoarder instinct refused to let me, but guess what it works!!!


i kind of stipple/buff it in… you can see the stippling marks


woohoo! in fact this was a little more pigmented than i wanted it to be.


comparison of cheeks!


both sides done!

as you can see it’s pretty and pink and not at all sheer – the trick is really to apply with a brush! and its really important to work fast because it sets in fast and you don’t want weird shapes on your face.

Texture: liquid blush. basically, liquidy. easily absorbed into skin and easy to blend. My favourite thing about it is that it gives a beautiful natural no makeup flush.
Staying power: Look to above for results. But in summary, pretty decent.
Pigmentation: pretty pigmented if you know how to apply!
Price: I believe it is around SGD26.90 in the shop itself. I’ve seen it go for around $10 or lower online (yay!) Comparing to other products you buy from shops I would say it’s a pretty decent item at a competitive price. there is 8ml of product, which is more than most lipglosses (6ml) mine is half gone and I’ve been using it for like, 1.5 years (of course not everyday.)

I would repurchase this, but I’m not madly in love with it. Then again I’m hardly ‘madly’ in love with anything. I’ve traded some stuff for another brand of tint, so if this finishes I’ll still be using the other one :p


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