In Search of the Perfect Red Lips: chanel rouge allure velvet 38 La Fascinante review

her lips are devil red and her skin’s the colour of mocha… but unfortunately not mine, which is an irritatingly in-between shade of NC20-25.

i wasn’t much of a bold lips person.. until recently. then i became obsessed. is there no middle ground?

my first ever luxury purchase + bold lip product was this Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 38 La Fascinante. Once again i got it in my head (at that time) that a red lip, like foundation, must be exquisitely expensive and high quality. that was about 2 years ago. in those 2 years i can count the number of times I’ve used it on one hand, probably. but now i bring it out every week or so. image image image you can see that not very much has been used, haha. I must give full props to Chanel for making a fantastic, high quality packaging. i dropped it on the toilet floor the other day and was terrified i smashed up a $40++ (and mostly unused) lipstick but the casing was still pristine and the lipstick undamaged. THANK YE GODS, finally something that can withstand me!

image image freshly applied (i turned the beauty face function to 0 so you can see all my pores, lines, etc HAHA)

i applied it straight from the bullet this time although i would feel better using a lip brush of some sort. i was a n00b at make up then though (and possibly now too) but somehow i could tell this blue based shade just looked good on me compared to all the other ones. ever since, I’ve always fallen for blue based reds (even if i can’t really tell until they go on my skin, no eyeballing colours for me!!!) and always staying away from pink or orange reds.

my lips are a terror – i constantly peel and pick at them, especially when I’m stressed. by right, i should never wear matte lips. they look horrendous close up. i think thats why i put so much emphasis on a flawless face because it distracts from my terrible lips.

colour/pigmentatioin: gorgeous elegant dark blue red, super opaque. I need 2 swipes for even coverage, but mostly because it’s a dark colour. 1 swipe achieves a very opaque layer of colour already.

texture: satiny, goes on very easily and smoothly. doesn’t feather on me, doesn’t emphasize my lip flaws (of which there are already too many) too much.

staying power: I’ve read reviews that said it had bad staying power but honestly to me it stays for AGES. this is after 2 hours or so with light eating and drinking image image basically, THE SAME! maybe a bit of excess has been transferred onto my poor glasses and eaten up etc but otherwise it looks the same. It’s not perfect but I can still go without a touch up.

i also find that it leaves a very lasting stain/thin film that makes it such that my lips still look pretty red after significant eating damage (subway anyone?)

moisturizing properties: i do find that this dries out my lips a little, but i havent actually found a product that hasn’t because let’s face it, my lips are super dehydrated to begin with. It’s only noticeable after the first few hours, so i wouldn’t classify it as particularly drying. i really need to do something about my lips, don’t i?

cost: now, we all know that this is where chanel does not excel at. this lipstick cost me somewhere around $42 sgd. you can find it locally on carousell for anywhere from 20-35, so if you don’t mind not buying it from the chanel store and if you trust reliability of online sellers, you could get it for (nearly) as cheap as a drugstore lipstick.

red lips rating: 4.5/5

This is a great lipstick with a beautiful colour that most skin tones would be able to wear. i find staying power, ease of application etc to be all great. the only prohibitive thing would probably be the price. However i am very sad to say this is not the red that i am looking for… it’s dark and sultry, too much so sometimes. It’s good for sexy date nights, but i need something a bit more approachable. so its a beautiful dark red lip, but too dark for daily wear. still searching for my perfect red! I just bought another red lip product, and it’s coming soon!! so excited 🙂 will review it when it’s here!


Extra tips for wearing a dark red: keeping the rest of the face clean is very important. A flawless base is essential here. this time i was going to be shooting a few shots in studio photography with my friend, so i amped up the makeup a little with shimmery eyeshadow. (not sure how obvious it is here…) i find that the black liner is essential because my eyes and lips look unbalanced otherwise, but i draw it as thinly as possible. If you have extremely deepset caucasian eyes, you might be able to go with just immense lashings of mascara. My brows are also a little too light, could have drawn them in darker black to balance it out. that would look fabulous on photo, bit too dramatic in real life (save for night time.) to really amp it up and look gorgeous in photos, something you could do (which i didn’t) is to add just a smidge of white liner to the cupids bow above the red lipstick to really highlight it. see, thats the problem with me. i think of everything in terms of photography and modelling AND in real life. and what looks good is very different in both. 

You’re supposed to be confident enough to just be able to wear a T shirt, jeans and a red lip and go to run errands. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’ll definitely be trying it soon. 😛



PS A bonus edit:

I found an editorial picture of me from last time, featuring THIS Chanel lipstick!!!! Of course this is highly photoshopped, with great studio lighting, blahblah. 😛 But I did my own make up for this shoot too.



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