New make ups!!

gosh, I’ve been on a spending spree lately. I comfort myself by saying that i spent less than half price of what these would cost at the store. is it working ?? image i got these gorgeous pieces at SGD40 IN TOTAL.

just a background… a maybelline lipstick in singapore costs nearly SGD20. the L’Oréal shine caresse stains, of which i only bought 1 from the store at full price, cost me SGD18.90 (HOLY.)

so imagine, my glee at getting MAC, Laura Mercier and a set of brushes at 40!!!!!!


Individual product mini feature:

Laura Mercier loose setting powder translucent: I’ve been searching for a good transparent powder for forever and i finally found it. not that I’ve tested it but reviews are wonderful so why not right?

MAC studio sculpt SPF15 foundation: never owned a single MAC product before. squeezed out a little and tested it on my skin. apparently the little was WAYYY too much and ended up covering half my face, lol. feels very heavy (bear in mind I’ve been using BB creams/Chanel Vitalumiere all this while) but somehow NC20 blends right in!! I always thought i was too dark for that. maybe I’m NC15 in ‘winter’ months *shudders* will have to give it a test run first.

Red earth travel brush set: being the n00b i am i have been using fingers all this while for EVERYTHING, even eyeshadow (GASP). The only things i use brushes for are: gel liner (can’t not) and blush (same, unless you wanna look a clown.) the only brushes i have are like, free brush sets lol. but this set comes with a good loose powder brush, a good paddle brush for concealer/foundation (will definitely have to try that) and a small eyeshader brush (the one i do have barely picks up any product) i know zilch about brushes so you’ll be seeing me work my way painfully through this. excites!!!

pregnancy is so depressing i have no energy to walk and i cant fit into nice clothes and i cant exercise or do all the things i use to like so i buy make up. God.


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