face base

like laura mercier i am a big believer in a flawless face – making my skin look perfect is the first and most important step to looking gorgeous. why put on eyeshadow etc when your base is not perfect?

Unfortunately i am also stumped by things like cool or warm skin tone, matching my skin tone, blahblah, and i am super cheapo so i want to use up what i have first before buying more. even if it means it doesn’t quite match my skin tone.


all of my base r belong to here:
top row:
super BB by skin79 (hot pink) bought 2 bottles 2 years ago (for some unfathomable reason) finished 1 bottle,  going to use up this bottle next. has a bit of a greyish cast, but workable especially when I’m very pale.

SANA Keana Pate Pore Putty Make Up Base Moist with its half complete review. this is my first tube, trying so damn hard to use it up but its endless i swear!!

middle rows:
the body shop tea tree oil concealer in 02 my first ever concealer that i bought.  i used up much of it because i never knew any better, but its slips around on my undereyes (grr.)

jill lowe anti – wrinkling concealer in nude that i got in a swap. too pale for me right now to be honest, but workable for a reason i will disclose below.

chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation in 20 beige which was my first high end base product because i got it in my head that my foundation must be a fabulous expensive product. smell is a bit strong and a bit too alcoholly to be good for skin if i were to be very honest, but damn does it make my skin look wonderfully luminous and perfect. this bottle is like 2 years old too because i just cant bear to use up something so damn expensive (stupid i know)

17 seventeen soft touch bb foundation powder compact in ivory which is also way too light for me right now. it was dirt cheap at $8 and has super high coverage and great mattifying power but TOO LIGHT, so i just use a little bit on my nose. but its SUPER finely milled and soft for something so dirt cheap.

the body shop extra virgin minerals loose powder in 108 golden beige clearly something i bought right at the start of me exploring make up when i was still damn tanned because why the hell would i go for a shade thats 8??? usually i go straight for the lightest or 2nd lightest shade. but its proving to be indispensable right now because i buff it in as a finishing powder and it is just dark enough to add enough colour to even out any too light concealers/bb creams! perfect!!! also my cat knocked it over before and spilt half the powder grr.

dear rose bb cream by skin79 that i have mentioned a few times. also too fair for me right now. :((

diorsnow uv whitening something or other bb cream that i bought off someone for dirt cheap!!! and it is just a touch too dark for me (makes me welp to think of how i will wear it when i get fairer. probably a summer only product ) but also workable if i dont apply too much.

last row:
garnier instant fairness bb eye roll on that i actually love, somehow because it blends easily, medium coverage, doesn’t cake, is admittedly too white for me right now once again but thanks to my buffing secret it looks gorgeous.

i have 2 more products coming that i just bought, MAC studio sculpt in NC20 (what i suspect is my winter shade so once again just a touch too light) and laura mercier translucent loose powder.

so as you can see, despite all my talk of a flawless base etc, i don’t actually have a product that matches me exactly, except maybe my chanel vitalumiere aqua that i dont actually use that much, and grabbed off the chanel counter when on holiday and in a rush and thus had not much time to match any shades or whatsoever. totally ironic.

i guess that’s a result of me being really cheapo for one, but another thing is: always experiment to find out how you can still use things that are too light/dark for you! buffing in a darker powder is one. using it as a highlighter is another (i love using the too – light concealer down my nose, ha) dark products can be used in place of contour/bronze powders.

but still! Remember! flawless face first!!!


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