photos of random make up goodies

because it’s wayyyy easier and lazier to just take photos from the phone and post!! image my entire make up collection so far. grew exponentially this year, still not as big as make up addicts  that’s why i am NOT A MAKE UP ADDICT 🙂 I’m also a huge cheapo and i grab things at super cheap prices from people looking to clear make up that doesn’t work for them. just in case you’re wondering, the box was from Fancy Feast (!!!!) as a gift for buying 24 cans of their cat food or something. the box is pretty nifty. no, i have no misgivings about using it to hold make up.

from left to right the compartments are: eye liners and mascara and stuff, bronzer and blush and face contour stuff, lip stuff, eyeshadows and finally, base products. the organization, i realised, makes no sense, so i may rearrange it again one day to put the base first followed by blushes, eye stuff, etc.

here is my baby, resting on my baby bump, for good measure.


this is a BB cream (dear rose from skin79) that i was going to review (and already writing up a post for!) I’ve been trying my darnedest to finish it because i bought it 2 years ago, but now that i want to review it and take photos of it i think it’s really gone!! these things always happen at a bad timing….



one of my aforementioned cheap steals: diorsnow BB cream at $15!!!!!!!! image



last but not least, the blusher i guess i will use more now, the sleek blush by 3 palette in lace. i got it purely for the shimmery middle shade which is a dupe for the famous nars orgasm, but i find that it hardly shows up (!!!!)


more posts coming up… with the pore putty post going to be completed properly… i promise.


PS one way to spot phone posts is when nothing is capitalized. i will never let that happen on the computer where i type 10x faster.


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