Goodbye Kiko Blush

first off, I’ll like to apologise for there not being a proper post up till now, especially with face and all. I’m still trying to figure out the whole how to take a good picture of myself and the product thing. being an ex-model certainly doesn’t help, because i naturally compare all photos to studio/professional shots and wonder why i don’t look the same. the lighting, even natural light, is not too great in my house, but i don’t know if i really do look so pasty, or it’s just because of my phone camera. tsk. products,  however, are so much easier to photograph. so today i present to you something which ironically, i just said goodbye to: image The other day i dropped my Kiko blush on the floor and it smashed into pieces, and that was a sad, sad, SAD day.

image image 9 grams of product. i think i used maybe 0.5 grams. WHAT A TRAGEDY.

don’t get me wrong. I’m still keeping it, even though the powder will forever be dropping out and I’ll never carry it around again. and i don’t think i ever took a picture of the blush when it was still intact. lesson learnt folks, TAKE PICTURES OF GOOD TIMES.

What i can say about it though, is that its a multi-tone blush as the back says, and LIMITED EDITION to Kiko’s colour explosion collection (something like that) in summer 2013, when i bought it in Italy. Which means I’LL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. It’s labelled as 03 active mauve, and the reason i bought it – I’ve been wanting to try out a purplish blusher forever.  it was just purple enough to look fabulous,  especially on my yellow asian skin, but not enough to scare newbies. I dont know if you can see the 3 shades from the broken mess, but there’s a dark mauve, light lavender and a pale peach, from left to right. the powder is finely milled and wonderfully soft and blends right into skin. the mauve is super pigmented and i just tap my blush brush into it once and sweep it onto my cheekbones, if not it’ll look overdone. the lavender was absolutely gorgeous to layer on top, or if i wanted a more natural glow. the peachy highlight shade was wonderful to blend out the edges of the blush (and it seems like that part is mostly gone.) i tap my brush into the middle of the lavender and the peach to get a bit of both, and there was an appreciable dent there compared to the rest of the pan.

But now it’s ALL GONE. it was my HG blush (but then i don’t have many blushes, harh harh) and it had 3 lovely shades for different effects. i was already wondering how i was ever going to replace it when it was gone and then THIS HAPPENED. 9 grams is quite a lot of product, especially for things like blush. my Sleek blush by 3 has 20 grams split over 3 pans, so this is about 1.5x the size of 1 sleek pan, which is basically the same size as a normal sleek single blush, i suppose.

I’m depressed plus every time i open the pan more shadow falls out. SOBS. anyone know if i can get a replacement anywhere ?? if i could, I’ll probably depot it all and mix the colours up to get a slightly muted shade of the mauve. it’s still usable, just that it makes me cry every time i use it. 


image apparently the collection is kiko spring 2013, colours of the world. and this is it in its new, beautiful glory.


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