Review: Asian Make up! SANA Keana Pate Pore Putty Make Up Base Moist

Gosh that’s a long name.

My Samsung phone has a nifty built in function into the camera called Beauty Face. It helps you take selfies by blurring imperfections to create an automatic airbrushed look. This is it turned to the max!
Special effects

Lol, unfortunately real life doesn’t have a Beauty Face function. Realistically my complete fresh face looks something like this, fresh out of the shower:

Note the large pores on the nose, dark eye circles, blemishes on the chin, strange patchy skin tone, etc and this is already with flattering lighting! Plus I have what I’ll consider to be already wonderfully great skin. I don’t get very oily (but I get very sweaty easily) and I don’t have dry skin (except the occasional dry patch) and I don’t have breakouts and I can basically use every single make up product (and expired ones too, lol) without worry of breakouts/irritation. If that’s not magical already, I don’t know what is. Of course I get the occasional spot, like that darned one on my chin that just popped up a few days ago. But overall, I think I got a great deal.

But that’s what make up is for right? To give you an even better deal than what nature did? 😉

This is my only (lol) primer/face base. How I got it was a bit of a surprise. I never understood the need/want to use a base underneath foundation or whatever so I never got any, but my sister randomly bought this last year or so when she needed make up to do cosplay. I thought it was a junk product (the packaging looks kinda gimmicky, don’t you think? I’m not taken by all these Japanese cutesy things, clearly) and I shelved it for a long while, before I googled and found it was actually a much raved product.

Well, personally I can’t say I’ve tried a lot of primers, but this works and is dirt cheap. By dirt cheap I mean I bought a back up off someone for SGD5 online. TELL ME THAT’S NOT DIRT CHEAP.

It has a very sheer, fair tint. It’s a bit too light for my skin tone, but a few months ago before it was so terribly sunny and I was porcelain fair, I could slap this on, add concealer and my base for the no makeup look was done.


20140706_161054 close up of pores. Ewwww. I’m not sure whether this is with beauty function at 0, or as normal (unfortunately auto beauty face function.)




 applying….I normally put primer on my nose (obviously) and around my nose bridge, where the big pores are. I put some on my undereye for smooth application of concealer etc, and some on my forehead for good measure. Also usually some on my chin to hide my minor blemishes better.






Lol, I was so excited to take this photo I didn’t blend out the streak on my forehead. But my pores are less noticeable. I sure hope you can tell.



20140706_164212 Post concealer!


Previously sometimes I would see my BB creams etc look patchy around my nose, but since using this I think it prolongs the wear of my make up significantly. I have some very, very long days (like 16 hours) before I take off my make up, and my make up looks fine (not perfect, but decent) at the end of 16 hours.

Being the amateur I am, I just use my fingers to slap this on, This blends out very quickly and easily anyway so I don’t need to be very precise. The tint may give a white cast to anyone darker than me (currently I should be around NC20-25) but otherwise it blends in beautifully.

To be very honest, even now I am kind of on the fence about primers – I don’t quite believe they work, harh harh. I like this product partly because it’s dirt cheap and it SEEMS to work, so I’ll give it that. I’ll definitely compare other primers if I use any in the future.


Texture: Creamy, not too thick, easy to spread and apply, settles into skin quickly. Fingers are good enough to apply.

Colour: Unfortunately the tint is probably wayyyyy too white for most people. Since it’s meant to be a base anyway, your foundation is definitely going to go over it. The colour is just enough for me to use by itself on a no-make up day, when I’m whiter, haha. The tint is pretty sheer by itself anyway, so it’s still usable.

Staying Power: Definitely makes my make up last longer. How long more, can’t say for sure. Maybe it’s psychological? LOL

Effectiveness: Covers my pores and makes them visibly smaller, so it works. 

Price: I believe you can find this in Sasa stores at around SGD20. Like I said I bought mine online at SGD5 so I am very happy. 🙂


I would repurchase this (I did already, LOL) I’m not madly in love with it (but it’s hard to be madly in love with foundations/primers… I mean please, they’re hardly interesting) but it’s cheap, decent and works for me.

Please remember that I am completely unable to test oil control/moisturizing properties because my skin is too, too normal. 😦


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