Make up blog!

There are a ton of make up blogs out there who are a ton more professional than I am and a ton more addicted and comprehensive… so I’m definitely not trying to compete out there.

I decided to start this make up blog because 

1. I love make up… but as the title suggests, I’m not addicted to it.

Let me elaborate. No matter how much I love make up, I am still a mega cheapo at heart. I would never buy the whole collection of something I’m totally excited by (with very rare exceptions… you will find out more 🙂 Ultimately I will still ask myself – Do I need it? Do I have something very much like it? Is it expensive? Do I already have a burgeoning stash of make up? And invariably I will put it down. So in this aspect, I am very much like the I-love-make-up-but-not-obsessed normal people.

2. I really like to find great cheap deals. And then I want to tell everyone about it.

3. I am narcissistic and want to talk about make up.

This point is self explanatory, lol.

4. I love make up, but not enough to create overtly funky looks. I like to straddle the line between wearable and boring and I hope I can help people do the same.


A little bit more history about me + the blog…

I first started getting really into make up during my pregnancy (still ongoing now… lol) because I always loved fashion but now I can’t fit into any damn thing. It made me quite depressed for a bit because I couldn’t fit into all my beautiful designer clothes anymore. So make up was my solace. 

I always used make up since a couple of years ago. I was doing professional commercial and freelance modelling so of course I needed to know how to do some of my own make up and things. However due to the nature of casting and all, usually when I do my own make up it’s to look as gorgeously un-made up as possible. Even a couple of years back when I was a relative make up n00b, I could do a flawless no-eyeshadow look (with eyeshadow of course) that brought out the best of my browbones and deepset eyes (and appeared fabulous on casting cameras like I wasn’t wearing anything.) 

That meant I was dead bored of my make up because everyday I had to put on my ‘flawlessly natural’ look. EVERY SINGLE DAY. The only eyeshadow palette I ever used was my Naked Basics (that does a beautiful job but is seriously boring.)

So after having more time to read reviews and guides and things on make up during my pregnancy (which I can’t believe STILL hasn’t ended, can my baby come out now?!) I really stepped up my make up game. I traded/sold some stuff which I don’t and won’t use, and got a lot more products that I’m fabulously happy with instead. So I want to share my experience and hopefully help other people along – people who are not ultra professional, people who are cheapo, and people who are just looking for the most efficient way to do something. 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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